Shiloh House

Dinner Ministry


Redemption Point Alliance Church has a burning desire to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the community.  One of the ways we are doing that is through our dinner ministry to those women and children at the Shiloh House.    

The Shiloh house mission is to equip single mothers for financial independence and personal wholeness by addressing their educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

What they do:  The Shiloh House isa non-profit, Christ-centered housing ministry providing hope and stability to single mothers through a supportive and structured program. Shiloh Place will strive to equip women to become resourceful and able to provide for their children without government assistance. Our program will give these families a firm foundation to build a hopeful future.

How is RPAC involved?  We are committed to bring dinners on a monthly basis to the women and children of the Shiloh House.  During that time, we will be focused on pouring into the women and their children through listening, prayer, care, love, and sharing.

Our next meal will be provided on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

If you are interested in being a part of the Shiloh House ministry team contact Michelle Wanzo at 480.208.4440.

How Can You Help?  There are many ways you can help with this ministry.

1)  You can help by participating in one of our ministry meals.

2)  Prayer.  Be praying for this ministry!  

3)  Financial support.  Any to help provide meals.

4)  Immediate needs:

         Baby wipes                    Liquid hand soap

         Toilet paper                   Aluminum foil

         Cooking spray              Plastic saran wrap

         Paper towels                 Gallon storage bags

         Box cereal                      Clorox wipes

         Pasta                               Dryer sheets

         Frozen meals                Size 4/5/6 diapers

         Goldfish                          All purpose cleaner

         Laundry detergent.    Pull-ups (2T-4T)

         (fragrance free)          Overnight Pull-ups


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