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Stay tuned for more details on our all youth Fall Car Rally!

Middle Schooler Hang out!  More Details coming soon.

A Message From Kevin

It's a personal blessing for me to say that I am the Youth Director at Redemption Point Alliance Church. I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to work with the youth of our community and am excited to see this ministry grow.

I’ve been involved In Youth Ministry for 3 years. My father is a pastor so yeah, I am a preacher's kid.  I grew up in church, and involved in ministry and just never got enough, so here I am.

​Youth On Point is a growing ministry for Junior High and High school students. We want to reach the youth of our community in an authentic way.

Every other Sunday morning we join together for Sunday youth service. It’s a time to go deeper with Jesus, grow and challenge each other in our faith. 


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