Care Ministries

What is Care Ministry?

Care Ministry is devoted to equipping and emboldening people within the church to love and care about others in ways that align with Scripture.


We have a team of dedicated people available to help you, a loved one, or someone in the community that finds themselves in need of prayer and care..  


Talk to us via email at office@redemptionpointac.comand someone will get back to you. 


John 13:35

"By this everyone will know that you are my

disciples, if you love one another."

What we and want to do?

Care and Shares - provides for the casual care needs of our homebound members or families in need, encourages members by sending cards or notes or making a visit, performs outside work or minor house repairs, and provides transportation to appointments or church. 

Hospital Visits - are conducted by trained team members to visit members in the hospital and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Shut-in Visits - are conducted by trained team members for visiting shut-ins on a monthly basis. 

Meal Ministry - is a ministry to provide meals for:

  • New Mothers

  • Members released from the hospital or families dealing with crisis in their lives

  • Funeral Receptions

Stephen Ministers - are trained members who provide one-to–one Christian care to people in our congregation and community who are experiencing grief, divorce, hospitalization, job loss, disability, or other difficulties. 

Marriage Mentors - equip couples for healthy and joyful marriage by teaching vital relationship skills through couple-to-couple relationships.

Friendship Ministry - is a way to serve those with developmental disabilities by showing and teaching them God’s love 

Red Cross Blood Drive - serves the community at large as volunteers host blood drives semi-annually. 

Cross Borders Partners - assists those in our community who are financially in need of furniture, household items and clothing.  It collects and sends clothes within the states as well as internationally to those experiencing a disaster or poverty. 


Covered in Prayer?

We are a church that prays and prays without ceasing.  We want to ensure that all care needs of the body, and community, that are Brough our way are covered in prayer.

If you are experiencing a need, please reach out so we can ensure you are covered in prayer, and not walking in this alone.

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