About Redemption Point

We are a church of the

Christian and Missionary Alliance


Colossians 3:16

"Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God

with gratitude in your hearts."

A little about our Senior Pastor

Pastor Lindsey Alcosiba was licensed through the Christian and Missionary Alliance in 1994.  He was ordained as a Reverend through the CMA in 2013 and has served in the central pacific district for over 25 years until moving to the Southwest District.


Pastor Lindsey began his ministry at the same church in which he was saved, Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church.  He ran the youth ministry for junior high students in a group of approximately 85 junior high kids.  After serving 3 years, he moved on to Good News Family Fellowship - a church plant - where he served as Associate Pastor and worship lead for over 10 years.


He was called back to the church where he was saved in 2007 and served as an associate pastor, worship pastor, college and young adults pastor, outreach pastor, preacher, and a whole lot more! 


For 11 years he served at Cedars Church, formerly Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church in many capacities and wearing many pastoral hats.  However, he realized he had gotten too comfortable in ministry and it had become very safe.  His faith was no longer being challenged in the area of ministry and he believed it was time for his faith to be stretched.   At this same time, the Holy Spirit was speaking to his wife Candy, posing the thought, what does real radical faith look like.  She believer the Spirit was speaking to her to take those steps of faith no matter what that meant.


Taking steps of radical faith are easy when they come according to your plans and thoughts.  Fortunately for us, God intervened, and when He did, it was huge and would require steps, leaps and jumps of faith in ways we never imagined.


As the dynamics of Cedars church began to shift, Pastor Lindsey began to pray for doors to open and others to close so a clear path would be easy to see and recognize.  After two years of praying with his wife Candy, they heard from the Lord as He began to change the direction of their ministry.  Although it was two years of praying, and two years of silence and wondering, looking back, that seemed to be the easy part.


Although Pastor Lindsey knew he had been too comfortable, and recognized that his faith needed to be challenged, actually stepping onto this new path was one that was frightening as there were many uncertainties, fears, unknowns, and concerns.


The path was to leave California and take on a little church that had gone through some serious wounding in McKinney, Texas.   The call was to leave everything behind, family, a community of over 50 years, friendships, a big church, and church family, and a fairly lucrative income.


"Deciding to live our lives through a Kingdom lens was a decision that both myself and wife Candy had concluded was vital for our spiritual health. We recognized that God's call meant sacrifice and until we said yes to this move, we hadn't had to sacrifice too much."


"We embraced this opportunity in full force with open hearts, minds, and enthusiasm; we have never looked back."


"This journey has forced us to be on our knees on a daily basis.  We are relying on Jesus for everything.  We fully understand our limitations and acknowledge that we need Christ to be the center of our lives and our ministries."


"We love what God is doing here at Redemption Point Alliance Church and we would love for you to come be a part of this amazing family!"


There is one God, who is infinitely perfect, existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the true God and the true man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He died upon the cross, the Just for the unjust, as a substitutionary sacrifice, and all who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood. He arose from the dead according to the Scriptures. He is now at the right hand of Majesty on high as our great High Priest. He will come again to establish His kingdom, righteousness, and peace.

The Holy Spirit is a divine person, sent to indwell, guide, teach, empower the believer, and convince the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment.

The Old and New Testaments, inerrant as originally given, were verbally inspired by God and are a complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men. They constitute the divine and only rule of Christian faith and practice.

Man was originally created in the image and likeness of God: he fell through disobedience, incurring thereby both physical and spiritual death. All men are born with a sinful nature, are separated from the life of God, and can be saved only through the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The portion of the unrepentant and unbelieving is existence forever in conscious torment; and that of the believer, in everlasting joy and bliss.

Salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ for all men
; and those who repent and believe in Him are born again of the Holy Spirit, receive the gift of eternal life, and become the children of God.

It is the will of God that each believer should be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sanctified wholly, being separated from sin and the world and fully dedicated to the will of God, thereby receiving power for holy living and effective service. This is both a crisis and a progressive experience wrought in the life of the believer subsequent to conversion.

Provision is made in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of the mortal body. Prayer for the sick and anointing with oil are taught in the Scriptures and are privileges for the Church in this present age.

The Church consists of all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, are redeemed through His blood, and are born again of the Holy Spirit. Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church, which has been commissioned by Him to go into all the world as a witness, preaching the gospel to all nations. The local church is a body of believers in Christ who are joined together for the worship of God, for edification through the Word of God, for prayer, fellowship, the proclamation of the gospel, and observance of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

There shall be a bodily resurrection of the just and of the unjust; for the former, a resurrection unto life; for the latter, a resurrection unto judgment.

The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent and will be personal, visible, and premillennial. This is the believer’s blessed hope and is a vital truth which is an incentive to holy living and faithful service.


What We Believe

We believe that Jesus is the Christ, God incarnate. He came in human form to sacrifice Himself, once for all, that we might not perish but have eternal life. This is the bedrock of our belief—the spiritual DNA of The Alliance. Our family tree bears the fruit of the deeper life, Fourfold Gospel, and the “living out” of Alliance core values—all fueling our uncompromising call to “go” wherever and whenever God leads.


As an Alliance church, we believe that our mission blends both the concept of being and doing. In being with Jesus and sitting at His feet, our lives are transformed. As we grow in relationship with Him, we desire to know Him more deeply as Savior , Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.


We are ordinary people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, obeying Jesus’ command to complete His Great Commission. Empowered by our extraordinary God, we are doing our part to go and make disciples of all nations. Whether at home or overseas, The Alliance is taking faith-filled risks to see Christ’s Kingdom multiplied throughout the world.


We’re Christ-Centered

Redemption Point Alliance Church celebrates Jesus—the image of the invisible God, the Lord of all Creation!

“For in Christ, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness.” Colossians 2:9-10

Our heartbeat is to know Jesus as our: Savior , Sanctifier , Healer and Coming King.


Because of who He is and what He’s done, we are compelled to “go!” Humbled by the open invitation He extends to us—what we call the Great Commission—we join Him in His work to restore and reconcile lost and broken people to Himself.





We are a body that prays:  We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer will be at the heart and forefront of Redemption Point Alliance church.   Proverbs 19:21; 1 Thessalonians 5:17


We make disciples:  Elevation in Discipleship: We believe that God intends for the church to evangelize and make disciples not merely church members. With this belief, we will have bible-based teaching and preaching with the intent that individuals grow in spiritual maturity. Understanding that God’s word can transform the mind providing all who would submit to His will a new perspective and world view based on His divinely inspired word. Matthew 28: 18 – 20; Romans 12: 1 - 2


We are diverse:  In Jesus Christ we have a new identity.  We are grafted in and no longer outsiders separated by race, culture, economics, age, classism or any other barrier.  Jesus Christ, the great equalizer is our identity.  While we celebrate and appreciate our differences, our collective identity is Jesus Christ.


(Rom 5:7, Phil 2:2, 1 Cor. 12:5)


We are community:  We are a community of believers that are living life together as we actively follow and pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus.  We are committed to walking with each other through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows by emulating Christlike lifestyles of acceptance, grace, love, and an unwavering determination of Kingdom living. Redemption Point is dedicated to serving each other and the community through our spiritual gifts, the Holy Spirit, and the empowering Gospel. 

(1 Cor. 12 and 14, Romans 12, Ephesians 4, Psalm 133:1)


We are a movement:  Jesus demonstrated what a Kingdom movement should look like by welcoming His disciples to follow Him and serve Him.  We want to mirror Christ's example of raising up disciples through training and equipping to exponentially advance the Kingdom. one soul at a time. Matthew 28:19-20)


We are worship-minded:  We believe that worship is a lifestyle. Individually, a transformed life is our reasonable act of worship. Collectively we will come together in the presence of God to celebrate and worship Him with enthusiasm and reverence. Romans 12: 1 – 2; John 4:23


We serve:  We are a church that believes in serving others.  Mark 10:45 reminds us of this call, ""For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."   We believe it is our privilege to serve others as Christ served.  Through our service, we want to bless others, and bring Jesus wherever and through whatever we are doing. Matthew 23:11 


We like to eat and have fun:  We are a church that loves to eat!  Many of our activities revolve around food and although we maintain our bodies as a temple,  we often fellowship through food and this is something we do well.  


We also like to have fun with each other and new people.  We hope you will come and join us!


Biblical Eldership


Redemption Point Alliance Church will be a church with an elder board in place. the Bible is very specific about the role of an elder, the lifestyle of an elder and the character of an elder.  Because leadership is so important to us at Redemption Point, anyone who wants to be considered as an elder, must complete the eldership training courses prior to nominations being accepted.


Biblically, the focal point of all church leadership is the elder. An elder is one of a plurality of biblically qualified men who jointly shepherd and oversee a local body of believers. The word translated “elder” is used nearly twenty times in Acts and the epistles in reference to this unique group of leaders who have responsibility for overseeing the people of God.


The character and effectiveness of any church is directly related to the quality of its leadership. That’s why Scripture stresses the importance of qualified church leadership and delineates specific standards for evaluating those who would serve in that sacred position.


If you have any questions regarding eldership, you can call Pastor Lindsey.  If you, or somebody you know are interested in being considered for an elder role, contact Lindsey for details.



We Believe

Our Statement of Faith

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